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The main business of Codemist Ltd is in the creation of high quality compilers for specific processors. This work is usually undertaken on behalf of chip manufacturers rather than for the end user. We specialise in optimising ANSI C compilers, and especially innovative processors, using register allocation by colouring, global common subexpression elimination (CSE), and instruction scheduling. We have created C compilers for a range of computers, from mainframes to embedded special purpose chips.

We are not at liberty to list all the compilers we have created for our customers, but the following partial list will give an idea of the range of our output. It includes 16 bit and 32 bit processors as well as some unusual architectures.

We have also created C compilers for internal and external use for the following well known processors

Further Information

In addition to the compiler Codemist Ltd have a complete ANSI C library written in C, which is easily ported to an operating environment.

As many small embedded processors do not have hardware floating point, Codemist provide a C Compiler option and a C-coded IEEE floating point arithmetic library so that machines with only integer operations can adhere to the ANSI standard with no additional work for the client. Thus lack of additional silicon is not a barrier to a full ANSI C implementation.

The general design of the Norcroft C compiler is described in a small number of internal reports, available to potential customers from Codemist.

Information for Potential Customers

If you think that we may be able to assist in your development of a software base for a processor, please contact Codemist Ltd at either the Bath office, via e-mail or to one of the Cambridge offices. We are happy to discuss your requirements and give an honest appraisal of whether we can assist.
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