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The Door Project

At ICMC 2000 in Berlin a prominent sound was a squeaking door. This sound was recorded and posed as a composition project. The first manifestation was a concert in La Habana as part of ICMC 2001. The second manifestation is the CD (Alta 02 CD)


The CD is 78mins long and comes with a 24 page booklet giving notes on the pieces and biographies of the composers.
1The Door OpensJohn ffitch & Jörg Spix
2The Door Study (3:58) Stelios Giannoulakis (Greece)
3Machine Age (1:55) Cath Woodman (U.K.)
4The Door Has Yellow Handles(2:48)Peter Castine (U.S.A.)
5Knock and the Door Shall Be Opened (4:00) Gary DiBenedetto (U.S.A.)
6Even if they did not hear the Door (1:02) Anonymous (probably U.K.)
7Door Vinaigrettes (2:55)Johanna C. Devaney (Canada)
8TanzMechanisch (3:14) John ffitch (U.K.)
9Voi ch' intrate (4:00) Juan Maria Solare (Argentina)
10Secret Men's Musik!(0:52) Stephen Barrass (Australia)
11The Gate (2:24) Henri Penttinen (Finland)
12Industry (3:50) Beatsystem (U.K.)
13Durchschnitt(3:52)Grant Chu Covell (U.S.A.)
14Componiendo la puerta(2:22)Carlos Lopez Charles (México)
15Portalis(3:25)José Mataloni (Argentina)
16John's Door (door to the john) (3:58) Michael Rhoades (U.S.A.)
17Gateless Gate (4:00) Dajuin Yao (U.S.A.)
18The Door ClosesJohn ffitch & Jöorg Spix
19The Door (3:40)Malte Steiner (Germany)
20As One Door Opens... (4:00)John ffitch (U.K)
21door3 (1:28)Scott Smallwood (U.S.A.)
22Doors (2;34)Cem Akkan (Germany)
23Vault (2:07)Hanns Holger Rutz (Germany)
24The Missing Link (2:58)Alessandro Fogar (Italy)
25Dorr (4:00)Phil Mantione (U.S.A.)
26Rechin (1:40)Alvaro Herra Zacarias (México)
27Jovel (2:44)Jeronimo Rajchenberg (México)
28door1 (1:46)Scott Smallwood (U.S.A.)
29The Original Sample (0:58) John ffitch & Jörg Spix

Purchasing the CD

This CD is available for sale from Codemist Ltd for about $17.50 (actually £12, including delivery to USA and non-Europe), £10 (delivery to Europe), or £10 (for delivery in UK). You can order by e-mail or telephone.
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